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Susan Evans, MD posted:
Dear Readers,

I have gotten a number of letters that describe a mystifying skin condition where one feels that there are bugs crawling underneath the surface of one's skin, and it is driving the sufferers crazy.

There is a disease called Morgellons Disease where one of the symptoms is exactly that, the sensation of bugs crawling all over underneath the skin.

Other symptoms of this strange disease can include granules and/or threads coming out from the skin. No one knows exactly what causes this disease, but it has been around for hundreds of years.

Currently the CDC is looking into this disease and this posted site allows people who suffer from these symptoms to sign up for updates on it.

I don't know if this will give you the answers you're looking for, but it is a very valuable resource for those of you out there who are suffering from a condition that is little known, and has little to no known treatment.


Dr. Evans
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susanhabit responded:
I do not know if I have Morgollans Disease, but I have something. I feel things crawling around on my face. They brush up against the hairs on my face and that's how I know they are there. This happens around 3 am in the morning and around 6:30 pm every night. Other areas less affected are my scalp, my groin area, my back, stomach, arms and legs. When I feel them, I touch my skin to see if I can feel anything. If I feel something, I pick it off gingerly and save it to look at with my digital, stereo microscope. Then I take pictures of them thru my microscope's eyepiece using digital camera.

Most of them look like larvae with one pointed end and a rounded top where the eyes would be. They're brownish, white, and sometimes clear. Others pieces look like clear bits of plasma and some bits are brownish/rust colored.

I also pick off what looks like lint off my dark clothing (particularly around waisteline, bra, or elasticized clothing). They are on the inside and outside of my clothing. It looks like they are crawling up my pants and they're also in my underpants I looked at them under my microscope and they look like a larvae wrapped in fibers (like a cocoon).

I've tried to Google them using fleas as a base because my new couch was infested with fleas. I thought they might be mites from fleas or somehow related to fleas. I ended up with a diagnosis of Demodex mites on humans. The symptoms fit mine. (Supposedly, we all have Demodex mites on us living in the sebacious glands of our body hairs.) But, if your resistance is lowered, they multiply out of control.

I went to a Dermatologist who biopsied a recent bite and they didn't find evidence of a parasite. All they said was that I didn't have cancer. I wish I did. At least I'd be able to fight that and doctors would believe me. For the present, I'm controlling them by showering often, vacuuming often, and I bought some tubes of Permethrin online. That kills all of them for a while.

If anybody has heard of anything similar, please let me know at .
gilletteisdebi replied to susanhabit's response:
Oh my god, do I feel what u are going thru. My husband and I have been living the very same hell for the past 3 yrs. 5 dermatoligists later and mucho money spent totally out of pocket as I did not have insurance any longer. Still have no clue what the hell we are dealing with. All the doctors made me feel as though I was a loon and infered that it was all in my head, I left each appt with all of them feeling so defeated. I filed for Disability and finally have insurance again, once again new derm and they did not even want to consider taking any scalp or hair samples as they infered it sounds like I have a nerve issue. referred me to a nerologist i can see darkened stuff on my hair shafts in different areas of my hair & scalp as i have light hair these dark things sort of move around my hair creeping me the hell out it feels like bugs crawling all over as I watch the dark things move in the same area as I am having the crawling sensation, tell me that is my nerves

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