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Tiny bugs/parasites
moonlily333 posted:
My Mother has some kind of bug that is inside of her, and crawls out at night, from her nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. They also burrow under the skin all over her body. This did not start until my sister and her family stayed, after sleeping for weeks in various motels. My mother also had a Seal-skin jacket in her closet that was infested with these bugs. They are so small you almost cannot see them. They are also in her hair. She has tried every parasite and bug drug under the sun to get rid of them. They slow, but never stop. She has seen 8 doctors, and they cannot seem them, so they do not treat them. They look little little white pieces of fuzz, and their eggs are tiny. They come alive at night, and she can feel them crawling in her nose, eyes, ears, and all over her body. The doctors won't test for parasites. It has to be a parasite, since she has taken so many pesticides to get rid of them, and they are still there. She is about to go crazy with these bugs, and I can't help her, and no one else will. They just pour out her eyes if she puts drops in them, and her ear is infected and swollen from them. She took meds for pinworms, lice and everything else. HELP!
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paulhere responded:
Stop buying ANYTHING from China. Also, most doctors will call you delusional. Clean your dryer filter often. They hate Listerine and on your skin Vaseline will smother them and they will come out. They ARE very painful. Thank China for sending this to us. Or, any country using their threads, linens.
DO NOT put Listerine ANYWHERE than maybe on your hands. It is VERY painful if used on scalp or body. The burn is too great to stand. Have your sodium and potassium levels checked as they tend to drain your body of this. Everyone should stay away from roses, sphagnum moss and dirt. Get rid of all house plants. GET CHECKED (make dr. do this) for the fungus sporotrichosis schenckii. There are 5 groups under sporotrichosis. Good luck, please no replies. Please. I've told you all I know.
undefined responded:
I do not think u are crazy because have similar things happening to me and its impossible to get a medical professional to believe me or to test or treat my symptoms i have been researching and so far the best advice i can give is thatbtheynseem to be a combination of norweigen sabies and maybe bed bugs or maybe a new type of parasitee thst is still uncommon enough thst those few who are tomented by them are not belieged the most reliefe i have had was using lysol wipes and a lotion with tea tree oil and maybe some oregano oil which u drink snd or apply to skin. I feel for ur mom but st least she one person who believes her . Good luck

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