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Got the Itch?
VitoAnneCornelius posted:
I'm a 38 year old female living in the Bay Area of California. I'm not a health professional, but the following are things I've noticed , or things that have helped me, when I get that maddening itchiness:

Unscented lotion (I like Gold Bond Ultimate Soothing Skin Therapy Cream).

Aloe vera gel (I like to refrigerate mine).

Witch hazel (Again, I like to refrigerate mine).

Cooler water when bathing or showering helps soothe skin and is less drying than hot water.

Drink a LOT of purified or filtered water.

In my experience, when I've had too much citric or acidic food in diet, touching or ingesting, it seemed to irritate my skin.

Baking soda or oatmeal in bath may help. I've used baking soda sprinkled in the bath water.

Making sure ceiling fan, vents, air conditioner, open windows where fans are next to, are all very clean —I use a solution of rubbing alcohol (½ water, ½ rubbing alcohol) in a spray bottle to kill dust mites.
Air purifier (Make sure it's cleaned regularly).

Water purifier for shower and bath (While this may be expensive, chemicals in the water, or the water treatment to the water, may irritate some people's skin.

Make sure your towels are clean —and possibly switch them out every other day. And don't share bath towels.

I know this has been mentioned, but unscented and allergen-free laundry detergent can be a real boon. When using the washing machine, I make sure it doesn't have mold growing in it, is cleaned regularly, and the dryer is wiped down regularly.

If using a community/apartment complex laundry facility, I make sure they clean it regularly (although you might have to wipe it down yourself, if you're not sure), and the dryer lint catcher, and around it, are cleaned out. Recently, I had to clean out the filters because I noticed a significant amount of cat hair and gunk clogging the vent next to the lint filter. I'm allergic to cats, and other people's dander, I'm sure, populated these filters, as well. Gross, I know.

Take a cool shower to rinse off immediately after working out —including my hair. I've found that, especially when walking outside, I get allergens on my skin, and in sweat, and my system gets overloaded.

Also, while just one irritant may not be enough to get you itching, it's possible that in the warmer weather, or in certain places, your system might get overwhelmed with irritants and allergens.
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igetadeal responded:
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skinvogue responded:
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