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Sun Allergy
Susan Evans, MD posted:

Most people experience a burn when they are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. There are other people who seem to be even more sensitive to sun as shown by how quickly they burn, or if they develop other reactions when exposed to sunlight. This is called "photosensitivity", which is sometimes called an allergy to the sun.

People who suffer from this seem to have a strong immunological response to UV light and will break out in a rash when exposed to sunlight. The severity of this allergy varies from person to person. Those with the most severe form of this will even react to fluorescent lighting indoors.

You may begin to suspect you have this condition if you develop a rash that has blisters, is blotchy, has scaly areas or even raised spots after you've been out in the sun. These areas my itch and burn and will last for a few days.

There are treatments for this condition that you'll want to discuss with your doctor. These could include taking oral beta-carotene, steroids, or other medications. Some people find that with small doses of sun exposure they are able to build up a tolerance to the sun.

Everyone must practice safe sun exposure methods as sunscreen and protecting your skin with clothing, or seeking shade whenever possible.
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