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Skin Rash
PatrioticBandit posted:
My child is 15 mo old with a very bad rash on his face only (mainly around his mouth). I've tried switching to a different milk, even dry milk; switched to a sippy cup with silicone lid vs. latex; tried to figure out if a certain food is causing the red rash by process of elimination but no luck so far. It seems to get better and then it comes back matter what I do. The rash doesn't seem to bother my son but looks awful. This just started about 6 wks ago. Any ideas?
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Susan Evans, MD responded:
Dear PatrioticBandit,

Have you taken your son to see his pediatrician? It is possible it could be a contact dermatitis, or an allergy, but it could also be a possible yeast infection. The only way to know is to see your child's doctor.


Dr. Evans