Old shingles scar
An_207068 posted:
I am in my 40's and contracted shingles as a teen. I still have an ugly old shingles scar which is very very painful. I've tried everything and have seen one dermatologist after another. What can I use that is safe to relieve my constant discomfort?

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itchinghelp responded:
what can i use to stop the itching after my shingle have gone away?
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to itchinghelp's response:
Hi itchinghelp,

Please click on the Shingles Health Center to read about shingles including treatments for this skin condition. Please talk to your doctor about what would be the best for you.

Take care!

- Annie
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stretchyfernia replied to itchinghelp's response:
You can use some anti itch lotion but better consult your doctor since its going to be on your skin again. As for the scars, you can use dermology cream. works best