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Eczema is a food allergy.
ETEallthetime posted:
I was diagnosed with eczema in 1955 when I was a child. It appears on my fingers. I had it for years, treated by a dermatologist, until I went on a food-allergy diet prescribed by an allergist. I found that I am allergic to tomatoes grown in the south-eastern part of the US, and the allergy is exacerbated by coffee (but not caffeine). I know the allergy seems odd -only southeastern tomatoes-- but when I left home to go to college in NYC, I could eat all the tomatoes I wanted with no reaction. So, in my case, it may have something to do with red clay that southern tomatoes are grown in. I moved back to the southeast in 1999, continued eating tomatoes and the eczema returned. I am currently dealing with it again. I've already quit eating tomatoes again, but giving up coffee is difficult, so I'm keeping it at a low level by not drinking coffee every day. Yours might not be caused by tomatoes, you have to do an elimination diet to find out.
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