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mkosak posted:
OK I had repllied to this earlier and wanted to post an update

I had this severe itching problem too, whenever I finished a shower or took off my clothes at night and had skin exposed to the air. I mean serious until I was bleeding from itching bad...

I tried two things that seem to HAVE WORKED! I dont know if it is one or the other or both, so you should try it and see.

1) get a couple of bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide (they are less than a buck some places - I stocked up on a case because it is a great cleaner and disinfectant and in the laundry too)

2) draw a nice warm bath and put one whole bottle in it.

3) take the second bottle and pour some on a clean washcloth and while standing in the tub - rub and clean your entire body with it.- use the whole bottle- soak yourself good all over

4) afterwards, soak in the tub for a while

5) when you get out and after you dry off apply some Neutragena Body lotion. (I have used generic body lotion and it also seemed to work)


The lotramin and hydrocortisone and everything else I tried have hadv minimal if no effect at all

I am not sure if it was some sort of bacteria or fungus or bug or skin allergy but the peroxide and body lotion completely cured it- not just relieved- CURED

I know because after about 3 months it started again and so I did it again and it stopped completely

You may want to try it for a couple days in a row- I think it is important to be relatively clean first but NOT wet before you apply the peroxide to your skin- you want that to soak your skin first before water soaks into your skin

PLEASE let me know if this helps anyone else

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Jeune1 responded:
Be careful though. It will bleach your hair and anything you touch (towels, bathrobe) while you still have it on your skin.

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