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mkosak posted:
I had this problem so severe, I was scratching to the point of bleeding
This went on for years- I was losing sleep and exhausted because I never got any sleep I was itching so bad, and I had to throw away some bedsheets that had blood streaks from my arms and legs. I broke several back scratchers I bought and scarred my back from using thick commerical paint stirring sticks. once breaking one and stabbing my back with it in the process- this was BAD...


It would happen a lot after I got undressed for the evening and especially after takng a shower. All day my covered skin would seem to be fine but as soon as it was exposed to air and especially after a shower, it would start to itch and I would dread going to bed.

I tried Lotramin and Lanacaine and every form of hydrocortisone and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product on the market- once spending $80 in one day to buy a tube of everything I could find and nothing worked.

BUT - Here is what made it stop- not just relief, but 100% gone

Take two quarts of Hydrogen Peroxide (it is surprisingly cheap - less than a buck a bottle)

Pour one into a nice hot bath

While standing in the water take a nice clean white washcloth and use the second bottle completety- pour some onto the washcloth and wipe down your whole body, especially the problem areas. Be generous and soak your body good (do this while your skin is still dry! BEFORE you get into the water and your skin absorbs water, you want it to absorb the peroxide) use the whole bottle, soak and wipe your body good all over. The excess will drip into the bath water.

Then soak in the hot water that has (now TWO) bottles of hydrogen peroxide)

After 15-20 minutes, get out and wipe your skin dry with a clean towel and apply some plain old BODY LOTION immediately- I used Neutragena, but a generic body lotion I got from a hotel room worked as well. Be generous


I dont know what it is or why this worked- but the first time I did it I noticed that my skin had some tiny little bubbles UNDER the skin where I had soaked it with the peroxide. If you pour peroxide on a cut it will bubble- it was exactly like that only seemed to be under my skin- there were MANY of these.

I think the peroxide just bubbles away germs and kills them or something- but I dont know- all I know is it worked. I am no longer ashamed to go to work with short sleeve shirt or afraid to wear shorts in the summer for fear of showing my scratched up arms and legs and back.

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BlondeWolfy responded:
Sounds like what I have right now! But I'm itching like crazy and nothing seems to be working. I haveEczema but I have never had little bumps before and all of a sudden I get them and every night like tonight I'm restless itchy and exhausted. Not sure if What you used will work but I'm certainly willing to try anything! Thanks for this solution I'll get back to you once I've tried it! If It does not work than I could have bad Mite allergy bugs AKA SCABIES! which are highly contagious from clothing and bed sheets could be them or something else! thanks for this though!!!
angel199929 responded:
Just wanted to know why use a white towel wouldn't a clean towel work just the same

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