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    Includes Expert Content
    Psoriasis tip
    Lilymp3 posted:
    I am 16 yrs old, and Im ashamed of my knees, elbows, and the sides of my nose due to Psoriasis. I wear jeans year round, jackets, and use make up to cover the patches around my nose. I was recently told of this skin cream called Dermarest Psoriasis medicated moisturizer. I bought some at walmart for ~$7.00 and used it for a week. It went from this
    to this in a week
    and eventually, my right knee has been cured of the annoying skin issue that has caused me problems for almost 8-10 years.
    my left knee isnt that bad either anymore.
    I would recommend this product. it really works
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    vivaciousjessy responded:
    Im 17 and i hate my psoriasis too, i recently started using the dermarest shampoo and it is helping so much! school is very embarassing, i also wear jeans all year and long sleeve shirts, it gets so warm, but i am to embarassed of my psoriasis to not cover it up, my family says i should ignore what people say, but it is very hard, and they dont really know what it is like. And you can always tell if you dont do a good job of covering it up because people always stare, its really nice to know that someone my age is going through this too.
    Susan Evans, MD responded:
    Dear Lilymp3,

    Isn't it wonderful when you find something over-the-counter that helps with such a frustrating skin condition? I'm glad it is working for you.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Dr. Evans
    amberly222 replied to Susan Evans, MD's response:
    I'm 36 and my psoriasis started in my mid twenties. I have tried just about everything. All of the over the counter lotions and potions. Tumeric supplements. Oatmeal or salt baths. Laser treatments at the Doctor's office. Tanning bed(bad for the rest of my skin and didn't help much with the psoriasis). I've tried 6 or 7 prescriptions.

    I, too, stigmatized. I wear long sleeves and long pants all year round. It's uncomfortable either way. If I wear shorts and sleeveless shirts, everyone asks me what how I hurt myself or they ask if its warts. Most people think its contagious. Mine has progressed so much in the last year that I now have it on my feet, legs, knees, elbows, hands and fingers, nose, eye, ears and scalp. I"m desperate.

    Today, a nurse told me to try mantle cream. I'm not familiar with that. Do you have any advice?
    Lilymp3 replied to vivaciousjessy's response:
    ya, it sucks, i constantly wear jeans and sweat shirts. just to hide it. i have tried the shampoo and it has helped to. try the lotion i mentioned
    Lilymp3 replied to amberly222's response:
    try dermarest. its pretty good
    momof2girls10 responded:
    i bought the dermarest.... how often did u put it on.... i have it all over.. except for my face.........
    CR2345 replied to momof2girls10's response:
    Thank you so much for mentioning this cream. I will definitely give it a try! I have it the worst on my elbows and hands and as a massage therapist student it especially makes me self conscious because these are my 2 main tools and I always worry about what clients will think. A lot of times I have people ask me what happened to my elbows, if I fell. Its awful. I'm glad to know there's something out there that actually works and can help. It gives me hope :)
    richellevormelker responded:
    Im 17 years old and i have psorisis from head to toe. I feel like my boyfriend doesnt want to touch me anymore. Ive had it since I was about 7. 14 years of my life hiding, depressed, and ashamed. When I say its everywhere its EVERYWHERE! and people tell me that im pretty so im a pretty girl living in a monster's body... I dont look at myself in the mirror anymore and I try to hold back the tears when people ask me about it or when they stare at it. I was on enbrel and it cleared it up than I lost my insurence nd now I have nothing and I just want to hide everyday... and I start school in like 3 weeks.... anybody wanna help me?
    tigercub04 responded:
    Has anyone ever used the Psoriasin ointment? Does it help in removing the scars? I've been using it and it seems to work okay, but the "scars" left behind bug me and look hideous. My only skin problem used to be eczema and then I started graduate school with a few large patches on my chest, and now I get these little random spots of psoriasis popping up all over! At first it was just my torso and back. Now I've had outbreaks on my thighs, neck, arms and my neck! I know stress doesn't help, but I can't go through 2 years of grad school with this... I spent 17 years battling eczema and I don't want to have to deal with psoriasis, too!
    leesholl replied to momof2girls10's response:
    I never was allergic to anything till this past year.
    I developed a dry patch on the outer edge of my left foot.
    When a sulpha cream and pills were prescribed for what I'm finally realizing must be psorasis - I developed a severe reaction of itching - plus the condition worsened.
    Changed doctors - he prescribed Clobetasol cream and pills. I could tell in a day, it was helping the itch - and I was able to sleep most of the night, again. However, when the prednisone pills were all used, that was all the Dr. would permit me to have. So, the situation is some better, but certainly not gone. Mine seems to be on my forearms, backs of my hands, and my legs from the knee down - front and back, and still on my left foot!
    Has "lillymp" replied to your request of how many times a day to use this over-the-counter cream?
    Thanks, Ginny
    leesholl replied to CR2345's response:
    Would you please reply to my email:
    I sometimes can't remember where I was "searching"! :)
    Naomi_RBC replied to leesholl's response:
    My husband has scalp Psoriasis very badly and face Psoriasis badly. I cannot wait to try the Dermarest products to help him! Thank you all so much and God bless!
    quiltzlady responded:
    Dear Lily - Please, please, please don't be ashamed. It is wonderful you have found something that helps your skin and I would like to encourage you to also find your voice. I have had psoriasis for over 20 years. When mine began to spread it was first on my legs and like you I began to always wear pants to hide it. Eventually it spread to my arms and hands. I covered up but was miserable and uncomfortable in our 100 degree summers. I also work with the public so I was very embarrassed and ashamed for them so see my "problem" and make them feel uncomfortable. After awhile I got sick of covering up to protect others from being uncomfortable so I stopped wearing long sleeve shirts. The people I love the most are little kids. They walk right up and say "What's wrong with your arms?" Their parents are, of course, mortified but I smile and tell them I like the questions. I explain to the kids what it is and that it is not contagious. I get a chance to educate them AND their parents. Does your school have assemblies or some function where you could speak out and explain not only what psoriasis is but how it makes you feel? I know at your age there will still be those who are cruel and make comments but if you educate others you will also find those who are kind and will want to be your friend. You will also be a voice for those who don't feel they can speak out but suffer in silence. I have only seen one other person in all my years who did not cover her psoriasis. I used to feel I was the only person in town who had this problem. I know that is not true but we all try so hard to hide and what I think we need to do is educate others so we won't feel so ashamed, depressed and alone. Like you I have recently discovered a treatment that appears to be clearing my psoriasis and I am thrilled but regardless of how things work out I am "out of the closet" and will continue to try and educate others one person at a time. Best of luck!

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