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Prevent and Eliminate Bad Body Odor Instantly
Kouros posted:
ODOR-OFF MIST by NOBEL-DERMA 1-424-288-6913

Odor-Off Mist is a spray mist body deodorizing topical solution that is manufactured by Nobel-Derma LLC. here in USA. It has no color, no odor, no alcohol, no Aluminum, no residue, nonstaining and non-discoloring to your clothes, and non-oily. It does not stop you from sweating which is a normal body function but it does prevent you from smelling for up to 48 hours. It does also eliminate your body odor if you forgot to spray after shower. It can also be used after gym or whenever you don't have time to shower but need to be fresh and odor-free. It works on your armpits, under breasts (women), around the genitals (men and women), skin folds (for those of us that have them), gluteal cleft, and feet and everywhere in between. It even works on the clothing to remove body odor infused in the fabric. Spray Odor-Off and keep the pungent smell of your sweat out of your clothes and out of your nose. The people around you will appreciate it too. Nobody will ever tell you that you smell bad for the fear of alienating you so why not exercise some courtesy. Odor-Off Mist works on odors of organic origin but it will not work on cigarette smell. This product is for external use only.

For more information, or the location of a retailer near you call: 1-424-288-6913.
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