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Talking aloud while sleeping
An_206904 posted:
My husband, who is 72 years old, has started in the last couple of years talking aloud, and giving speeches, all while sound asleep. He also moves, saying that he was marching, playing shuffleboard, soccer, or even shooting a rifle! Is this a sleep disorder? It actually does not seem to bother him, but I'm getting less sleep due to it.
Aatif M Husain, MD responded:
Dear Anon_36196:

It sounds like your husband may have a sleep disorder. There are sleep disorders in which individuals start to act out their dreams or move about excessively in their sleep. As you note, many times this is not terribly bothersome to the patient but can be very distressing to the bed partner, and in rare instances dangerous as well. Moreover, the movements can be a symptom of an underlying neurological condition as well. I would suggest talking with your primary care doctor about this and describing to her/him exactly what he does. If possible, taking a video recording of him doing these things in his sleep would be very helpful. You may end up needing to see a sleep specialist.