Tossing & Turning/New Mattress
jlb276 posted:
I've had the same bed for about 15 years. When I started getting back pain, I figured it was time for a new bed. I shopped around quite a bit & finally decided on the Laura Ashley Inverness Plush. I'm mainly a stomach/side sleeper. I've been sleeping on it a few nights now. While my back pain is mainly gone, I've now begun tossing & turning quite a bit during the night. I've never had that issue before. I'm wondering if it's normal to experience this since I've slept on an old crappy bed for 10 years. I have 21 days to exchange, but I will get charged a $250 fee, so I would like to avoid that if possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
CandiceAnne responded:
A new bed is always hard to get used to. Try a new pillow as well. After getting my new bed I bought a memory foam pillow with neck support to help keep your spine curvature in a natural position. I also sleep on my tummy and side and I love this pillow!
NeNe_11 replied to CandiceAnne's response:
I have had a temperpedic mattress & pillow for years now & would never sleep on anything else! The support is just superb. I have 2 pillows, a firmer & a softer. I sleep on the firmer but usually switch to the softer after awakening around 4 or 5am- for some reason I find it easer to get back to sleep on the softer one, if that makes any sense.
jlb276 replied to NeNe_11's response:
Thanks for your responses. The tossing & turning has now stopped. Now, it's just some minor back & neck pain. I do think I need a new pillow. It's barely been a week on the new mattress, so I'm guessing this just must be the adjustment period everyone speaks of all the time. I'm going to give it another week. Is that a decent amount of time?
NeNe_11 replied to jlb276's response:
If the problem persist you could get a memory foam topper for your bed.