Can not adjust sleep pattern from east to west coast
An_207028 posted:
I live on the east coast but work on the west, traveling and living on a 4 weeks west 5 days home [east> schedule. the problem is even after living with this schedule for 2 years I still can't seem to adjust my sleep pattern to west coast time so I continue to fall asleep by 8pm and wake up at 2 or 3 am. is there a way to overcome this, other than staying on the east coast?
pixe5 responded:
Hi Anon,

Melatonin might help. It is the body's natural sleep regulator. You can get it from a health food stores or a drug store.
pixe5 replied to pixe5's response:
I forgot to mention that a good melatonin supplement is Source Naturals sublingual tablets. They dissolve under the tongue and is absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth, so it gets into your system a lot faster than a tablet that is swallowed.

Good luck!