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5 months Chronic Insomnia
gridly1 posted:
Hi Yall, I'm new to this post, but not to Insomnia. People who have not been through it have no idea how crippling it is to not sleep! In 2008, the sleep study(I only slept 2 12 -3 hours that night) offered no diagnosis, just that I did not have sleep Apnea. The doctor told me I was addicted to sleep meds. The Seraquil I was using for sleep caused me to gain 40pds overnight and my Blood sugar and Cholesterol to skyrocket! So I was determined to go natural.That January '09 I didn't sleep for 14 days! Then a naturopath gave me Tranquinol, which after 5 days afforded me 5 nights of 5 hour each. When I was out of the supply.She was backordered! And so was the entire warehouse! It took two weeks for me to hunt down more tranquinol (on the 8th page of my internet search), then another week to wait for it to arrive. I once again allowed it a week to take effect. But it no longer worked! NO sleep! No really! Two more weeks (14nights) Absolutely no sleep!!! I was going stark raving MAD! I tried a $1000 Hypnosis treatment. Which was no help at all. So I broke down and started taking Ambien. IT only gave me 2 1/2 hours of sleep 3 nights a week! The other 4 nights NO SLEEP! This went on for 3 1/2 months until a Doc took mercy on me and prescribed Ambien and Elavil to take together. The side effects were horrible but at least I wasn't awake 24 hours a day.
This year In March I had an EEG which showed the part of the brain that controls movement is way to active. (very common in Fibromyalgia) I also found out the 2008 Sleep study report stated I slept 4.8 hours that night. There is NO way! Recently I found that my heart rate goes down very low when I lie down, which maybe accounts for those readings. I have tried all the tricks,the gamut of herbs and natural supplements, and every drug on the market. In july 2009 Ifound a naturopathic doc who gave me Boiron's 'Gemma Therapy Black Honeysuckle' which has helped me fall to sleep for a few months (waking every few hours). It has since stopped working. I am now taking 1500-2000 mgs of Ornithine (not Arginine-Ornithine!) which has helped a bit. It now takes me 1-3 hours to fall asleep and I sleep maybe 4 hours a night if I'm lucky! Hope this helps someone. Good night!
NeNe_11 responded:
Yes, it is horrifying when one goes night after night without sleep! And you are also right in saying that unless someone goes through it, they have no clue how dibilitating it can be.

I found the sleep study to be useless. They had me take my ambien as normal so of course I slept through the night. All it told us was what I already knew, that I did not have sleep apnea!
Thank God for sleeping pills!

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