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Fear of not being able to sleep
pink_floyd posted:
It's the same every night. Even if I'm tired, this fear stuck in my guts that I'll not be able to sleep and will feel horrible the next day won't let me fall asleep. It's easy to say just don't think about that, don't think about not being able to sleep. But how do you stop thinking about it.

I feel I can't control my brain, and it's ruining my life. Unlike many insomniacs I know exactly what messes with my sleep, and it is this angst that if I don't get a good night's sleep I'll have to slog through the day and feel miserable.

I've had this problem for 5 years now and I'm 28. It took me a lot of time to figure out what's keeping me awake, but even now when I found out, the problem won't go away.


Please help!
ladyfinancial responded:
This may sound crazy but I've had the same problem my whole life, you need to see a therapist. They can give you techniques on how to control your mind.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome to WebMD,

Are there other areas of your life which make you fearful or is it just around sleep?

I hope others here will have some ideas for you but you also may want to post on our Anxiety & Panic Community .
pink_floyd replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
It's only around sleep.
sungoddess57 responded:
I too have had this problem. I bought a sleep hypnosis cd and it is helping some. He says to listen to it every night for 21 days. Some nights it works great, other nights I have to listen to it several times before I can really relax. I'm sure that are many products on the market, the one I bought is

It can't hurt to try it. Good luck!
Relaxed1 responded:
I hear you. Over the last two years, I've tried many approaches, and gotten some success, at first, until I became afraid that the latest thing I'm doing might not work the next evening. The best result I've had is seeing a psychiatrist and being on both Klonopen and Zoloft to help with anxiety / worrying. But I realize this is a short term solution and I'm looking for something healthier and more permanent. I may go back to CBT. Good luck.
ladyfinancial responded:
I think its anxiety but i'm not a doctor. I still suggest you should see a therapist it cant hurt and it may give you some insight on why you cant shut off your mind to go to sleep. Its very common to have anxiety, more common than you may think.
adamjames responded:
I know this might sound weird or just different or crazy, but I have had the same thing but I have overcome it, I didn't do it under my own power but the lord has delivered me, you might not believe but God is real I promise you go out and search for him he has no intention of having you live in fear you can be broken out of that there is freedom in christ you no longer need to be bound by that fear feeling like it will never leave. Trust me please not only will that change but your entire life will be better you will wake up from your sound sleep with a smile you can get over it man seek him out It's real and not only is it real but It's more than church it's more than just prayers and hymns but It's about a god who is completely in love with you madly in love with you and doesn't want to be your dictator but desires to be your closest friend. He desires for you to live with peace. It might be a stretch for you but he wants so bad to fill that void Jesus isn't some comfort food but with his name becomes power power to heal you and break the fear off of you, power to change the world and fill every hole anyone has ever had. You can do it for no other reason other than he loves you, He is running towards you and he is just waiting for you to stretch out your arms so he can take you back into his arms. I know it sounds strange and weird but man It's crazy awesome try it.

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