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filling with air
sleepytrose posted:
I use a cpap machine and when I wake up I am filled with air. This is painful any ideas?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Sleepytrose,

In what way are you filled with air? How is it painful? Others may have some ideas for you if you elaborated a bit.

But, either way, be sure to discuss this with your doctor or sleep specialist. There are different masks and settings and perhaps some adjustment is needed.

Let us know how it goes for you and keep persisting with getting answers so you can use the machine and get the full benefits.
sleepytrose replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:

What I have been told is that it sounds like I am ingesting air into my stomach, which of course will then inflate and be very painful until the air is passed one way or another. I have talked to my sleep specialist and she is checking with her rep to see if they have any ideas. I have tried going from a full mask to just the nose mask with a chin strap but it hasn't helped. As my oxygen level drops to 60% I don't want to go without the mask. Any ideas?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to sleepytrose's response:
I'm afraid I don't (I'm not an expert nor do I have sleep apnea) but I really hope others here will. Thank you for elaborating, Sleepytrose.

I hope you and your sleep specialist find a solution for you soon.
lorilower replied to sleepytrose's response:
I also have this problem and was wondering what to do about it. I just got a new mask, went from a hybrid (nasal pillows and mask over mouth) to a full-mouth one and the air problem seems to be getting worse. I also can't feel the air going into my nose - am I supposed to?
sleepytrose replied to lorilower's response:
I went from a full face to just the nose mask, I see no difference in the injesting of air. I don't know about feeling the air going in but I do know if it isn't you wouldn't be able to breathe. My sleep specialist has said that what I am doing is swallowing during my sleep she said this is common. I bought a wedge pillow to raise myself up it does seem to help
sleepingmikeawake responded:
Hey there fellow wearer of the CPAP.

I have been on this therapy since 2009.

I broke the first two masks in my sleep. Finally I went to the nose pillows and it works suffecient for me.

I was swallowing air at first but found that the pressure setting was to high for me. I would venture to say that you and your Dr. should probably get together and discuss wether or not the air pressure is making you gulp or it could be the humidity not being set high enough....It also could be affected by altitude depending on whether you live in the high country or the low lands.
I have Mixed Apnea so I had to find the three bears place and get it adjusted Just Right. All in all being on the Cpap has benifited me not so much on EDS but relief for my lungs and heart. Plus..since I have been in this treatment I have fewer sinus infections and colds. Gotta breath....
So your best way to go is to communicate exactly what it is that you are concerned about to your Dr.
Have to sleep!

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