HELP! I can't wake up!
shaila89 posted:
since i was little my mom has always had a hard time waking me up and now at twenty three its harder than ever. i am completely unable to wake myself up, and even when someone else wakes me up it is still near impossible for me to get up. when i do wake from someone trying to get me up, the feeling behind my eyes makes me feel impossibly tired so i close my eyes and bam, right back to sleep for another eight hours, even if i slept for eight already. I have been to my doctor, and he said i just need to wake up after seven hours every day to get my body back into routine, but that defeats the purpose because i am unable to wake myself after twelve hours, much less seven. the problem has only gotten much worse because now i work an overnight shift, ten thirty pm to seven am. i will sleep at nine, and not wake up till nine unless my boyfriend relentlessly harrasses me, which just makes me wake up more irritable than normal. when i do finally get up, my vision is blurry anyhere from ten minutes to a half hour afterwards, and most of my body aches for a little while as well. i have been diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis but have not taken m synthroid in a few months because it was making my problem worse, and i have been tested twice since i stopped and all my thyroid levels are normal, but my white blood cells are low. please please help me, this is ruining my life before i have a chance to live it. wt
shaila89 responded:
also, my dreams are incredibly vivid, and occasionaly predictive, but while im in a dream instead of waking up i will speak to the person waking me in the context of the dream, even after opening my eyes and staring them straight in the face.