HELP! I think I have FFI fatal familial insomnia
aacastro58 posted:
I think I have it but I went to the emergency room and they thought it was due to GED (General Anxiety Disorder) But Ive slept through the day. But it didn't seem like restful sleep. I keep having these fears and thoughts that creep into my head as if they are telling me I have it. I'm currently taking alezopram. And it seems to be doing its job but after 2 days the panic attacks seem to be getting to me even more please help...
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Aacastro and welcome to WebMD,

I hope you'll see a sleep specialist to sort out what, if any, sleep issues you have.

But I also really encourage you to work with a therapist who understands anxiety. Medications can help but, according to our Anxiety health expert, Dr. Farrell, therapy can really make the difference.

And be careful about diagnosing yourself from information you find online.

Take care and let us know how it goes.