Sleeping, not normal! What can I do??
tajorg posted:
I have a problem with sleeping. I have my whole life. I had many problems with truancy as a child and went to truancy court with my mom twice. My home situation was erratic, and I never felt at blame as a child. I slept through 2 pretty big earthquakes.

I joined the navy when I was 17, in A school I always slept through the bull horns that supposed to wake you up (those things are loud) I was put in charge of my A school, because some people thought I needed responsiblity to keep me accountable. I was in charge of leading the muster to school and being accountable to people there, It didn't work. One time I went to sleep Friday night after school for a nap. I thought I would rest until they gave us our weekend passes in a couple hours. I didn't wake up until Sunday morning!! I got kicked out of the military within one year.

I got married, and had a lot of problems within my marriage. We had more problems than just my sleeping patterns, so we got divorced within a couple years.

I am a single mom, met a guy after my divorce >that I didn't continue with. Being pregnant, I was scared about not waking up with my child. I didn't, not even maternal instincts set in to wake me up!!!!!!

My son is growing to be healthy, he is 6 now and in kindergarten. I already have truancy notices.

People say it;s a lack of motivation or will that I don't wake up. It's not!! I feel like I CAN'T wake up! I don't hear or feel anything!! I have put my son in danger as a baby, lost many jobs, got kicked out of the military, I don't know what is wrong with me!?!? Any help or suggestions PLEASE!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Tajorg and welcome here,

While you're waiting for responses, do some reading of other discussions here as there are a few that talk about similar problems.

You don't say whether you've ever discussed all this with your doctor...? Time for a sleep specialist and/or thorough sleep study.

I hope you'll keep us updated on how things go for you.