Oxygen Concentrator machines
cabin333 posted:
I am new here and excited to join the group. I hope I am in the right
I have sleep issues and use a oxygen concentrator machine. It is huge and we travel.
I would like to buy a smaller portable one but do not even know where to begin. I looked and alot of them cost so much money yuck.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks So Much
audla responded:
Hello : Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful. If you have a Oxygen supplier that is also a national company , call them well in advance of your trip and and they can have a concentrator and/or tanks at your destination waiting for you. As far as the portable concentrators go, using one would depend on how your Dr. wants you to use it. Either a continual flow of oxygen or only when you are breathing in. Talk to your Dr and your Oxygen Supplier. You may want to change suppliers to a National company, in order to meet your nneeds.