Not sleep apnea?
Tracie10072004 posted:
My husband had an oxygen saturation test done with an O2 sensor overnight. He had 11 episodes an hour of a duration of 35 to 55 seconds of O2 sats of 78 to 98. Our doctor who is a Nurse Practictioner by the way says he doesn't have sleep apnea but put him on 2 liters of oxygen at night. Is there a name for what he does have? We can't get a lot of answers. He's 5'7 175lbs with high blood pressure (hctz for that) and a destroyed L-5/S-1. Other than that he's active and in good health. He does snore but he is Filipino and has a flat nasal bridge but was told he did not have a deviated septum. Can anyone help?
Tracie10072004 responded:
Sorry that was 78 to 88 o2 sats