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Worried father of 3 with some sleep issues
Maverick494 posted:
I don't know if this truly is a sleep issue, but I know I need some advice about how to deal with whatever this is.

A little back story, once upon a time I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and I was put on a Cpap. I lost weight (though I have gained about 60% of it back) and I was sleeping normally after that. I got rid of the Cpap. (yea I might need it back if I don't get my butt in gear)

One of the things that I have heard from many of my significant others over the years is that I have conversations with them and seem as if I am awake, but in the morning I have 0 recall of any of the "sleep" conversation.

The problem today is that I apparently have started to do more, shall we say adult things (though very infrequently), when I am asleep and have no recall of it. My wife swears that I will remove my pajama pants and entertain myself. In the morning I wake with pants on and no recollection of doing that at all. This probably wouldn't be a real terrible problem, except that right now I spend most nights on the couch because my wife brings one of our twin daughters to bed with her (yes that is another issue altogether, though if she didn't she wouldn't get any sleep)

Last night my wife came in to engage in some mutual admiration and I had been asleep for probably 2 hours before she came into the bedroom and tried to wake me. Apparently she thought I was awake (eyes open, appeared fully coherent, full conversation with no garbled words, but I sounded very tired). We had a conversation about being intimate and I indicated I was too tired, but that kissing and cuddling was fine. Since I leave home at 515 am I didn't get to talk to her until I got home. Apparently I was less than engaged in the activities and it hurt her feelings, so she does what she normally does and told me it was time to move to the couch. Again, I do not remember even moving to the couch, let alone the conversation and physical interaction.

These incidents are a constant occurrence and I am concerned about it because I have 3 young daughters in the house, and should I be sleeping on the couch doing something I have no idea I am doing and they see it or hear it; I dread the repercussions.

I don't have any clue what to do. My wife says I dream, but I have never recalled a dream. Ever. My wife says I have dreams and I talk to her about them, but I have never been able to remember one or that I talked to her. My wife also says she can not really tell that I am not awake, so the indicators are that I appear to be awake.

I go to bed between 930 and 10 almost every night (there are some late nights on occasion, but few). I get up at 5AM and I am out the door by 515 most days (with only a few occasions of 6AM out the door). I do wake up, usually, at least 1 time a night and often twice in order to help my wife get babies moved from their bed to ours or back, but I am only ever up (and yes I am actually awake) for like 10 minutes and back to bed.


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