sleep study
An_246777 posted:

I had a sleep study a while back and they said my oxygen level was low going to my brain or the brain wasnt getting engough oxygen.When i met the sleep study doctor for the results he said that the sensor came off my finger which i thought was strange as the sensor was tape to my finger.if it did come off why didn't they come in during the study and wake me to put it back on as they were monitoring me all night.i wonder if i should be worry about it.I usually only sleep 3- 4 hours a night and have done that the last 30 years.i wonder if the 3-4 hours is a self defence that my body is doing because of the low oxygen.
stressedouttothemax responded:
Interesting you bring up a lot of the same issues I wonder about. I wake up every morning with headaches, dull memory, and pain in my joints. I normally have low blood pressure 96/60. I'm wondering if my muscles and brain are not getting enough oxygen making my brain and muscles ache for more. I'm going through a sleep study and hoping that I'll get some answers.