Bad problem
danigirl1975 posted:
I have beenhaving problems. About 15 yrs ago I broke my neck C1 to be exact and about then the first symptoms started. Here goes my body feels like it is itching inside and my body can't be touched at all. If anything touches it even the slightest touch will make my body twitch. Then when I shut my eyes it feels like needles are being poked through my whole body at the same time then I can't sleep at all. This has gradually gotten worse it use to last for one night now it lasts for days at a time. When it goes on I can't even sleep during the day it is scaring my kids and me. If anyone has any idea what it could be please help.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Danigirl,

Are you looking for answers with your doctor and a sleep specialist and, perhaps, a neurologist?