Vivid dreams and yelling or screaming.
landlizard posted:
In the last two months, My significant other reported to me that I have at least one screaming session during the night. The other night he said I yelled out, "Who's there, Who's behind me?".

I am on meds, such as a sedative that I take at night which gives me the vivid dreams (which don't bother me).

The screaming occurs just once a night and is mostly incoherent.

In the past, I have been known to sleep talk and once to sleep walk, but have never sleep screamed.

I do have chronic synusitis and snore (this is being addressed with my doctor).
butterflygarden responded:
Hey there, landlizard!

Have you seen the doctor yet? I have chronic pain and allergies, and sleep is an elusive thing for me. My doc said that one of the reasons I dream so much and yell out in my sleep is anxiety and just the lack of hitting that deep stage of sleep for long enough.

I don't sleep walk, but I definitely mumble and yell out. My dreams are often about running from something or about something bad happening. I wake up crying or feeling panicked. I often am conscious at some point that I am dreaming and try to wake myself up.

I definitely feel for you, and I hope you are getting some relief.