Name of a Specific Sleep Disorder
sjadams posted:
Can anyone tell me the name of that sleep disorder that one of the network TV stations had on within the last year or so? Dateline NBC, 20 / 20 some show like that. It reported on a teen-age girl in England that slept for days on end. I think it started with a "K" ???
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Sjadams,

Is this the one you're looking for:

Rare Syndrome Turns British Woman Into 'Sleeping Beauty'

It discusses Kleine-Levin Syndrome (click on this link for more info), a very rare disorder that impacts more than sleep.

Another sleep disorder which includes the need to sleep often throughout the day is Narcolepsy .
sjadams replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes! Thank you soooo much. I searched high and low for this.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to sjadams's response:
You're very welcome, Sjadams. Is this something you're concerned about or are you concerned about a loved one? Share how this goes for you when you get a chance.