Can a clogged nose really affect a good nights sleep ?
virajk posted:
Hello everyone,
I cant begin to tell the time since I've been having trouble with unrefreshed sleep, since nearly 2006 I've had trouble waking up in the morning along with what felt like a dull pressure in my forehead making me drowsy and sleepy. The entire day would go with me being sleepy as if almost being drugged with fatigue & impaired thinking, this problem gradually over the years has gotten worse.

A few months back I noticed that I consistently had a clogged/blocked nose especially in the morning and a visit to the ENT revealed I had a Deviated Nasal Septum.The ENT prescribed some medications which I took for a month and did not follow up. I still suffer from what appears to be a clogged nose impairing my breathing.

As a child I did have issues waking up in the morning feeling unrefreshed, I wonder if it is the same problem that has over the years increased several fold.

So to put it simply can this nose of mine create problems for a good nights refreshing sleep??? Can it cause lack of oxygen being taken to my lungs giving me a heavy head in the morning???

I have absolutely no family support on this matter and some insights & advice would really help.

I am also an IBS sufferer which my make my like all the more miserable.

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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Virajk,

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