any advice very thankfully recieved
love2you posted:
I have always woken a few (2-3) times a night. Now I think I wake 30 times or more...only for a few secounds perhaps 10-20 enough to raise my head off the pillow then back to sleep. I am aware that I toss and turn and some times wake stiff from the awkward positions I find myself in...curled in ball at the very bottom edge of the bed or in some horrible contorted shape... I am usually in bed by 12.30 to 1 am and arise at 7.30 am...this morning I woke 11 times between 6.30 and 7.20. Help...I am well otherwise not overweight by anything more than a few pounds....feel like resorting to asking the doctor for sleeping tablets....I have no trouble in falling asleep,,,,many thanks for reading this xx
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Love2you,

I really encourage you to get a sleep study done to find out what's going on, whether sleep apnea is part of the picture or something else. I'm not an expert but I am aware that there are different kinds of medications to help with sleep, along with other treatments.

Let us know what they find out.
brainless responded:
get a sleep study done. that is very similar to what I went through. your body will be very restless through the night if you are not getting enough oxygen. I used to go to the extreme and put my fist through walls without realizing it. see a sleep doctor and see if they can tell you what was wrong. I ended up with a CPAP machine, and immediately my quality of sleep and violent outbursts stopped. please look into it
brainless replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
I had to get a CPAP machine set to 19 (20 is the highest) to fix the problem I had which is really similar to what is being described. it takes some getting used too, but it works miracles, at least it has for me.