Oversleeping More Often Than Not
An_249194 posted:
Since as kid, I've always overslept often and i can sleep through the afternoon with ease. I was diagnosed with anxiety and currently on Celexa.

I did take a sleep study recently and the doc said I had few pauses in breathing (very mild) . I did not think it was necessary to wear machines while a sleep since it was very mild.

I was curious to know what my problem can be and if there were any remedies for this. I really need this fixed or I feel like my just wasting my life way.
Matty81 responded:
I had exactly the same combination of symptoms when I was in my teens and through my twenties, it has begun gradually subsiding now im in my thirties and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I did try a CPAP in my teens but could not adapt to it.

Hopefully some others here will be able to shed some more light on all this because I am as interested as you are in finding a better solution.