hitting when asleep
mrlost12 posted:
hi im mikr ive just started to pull my gf hair when im asleep and 2 nights ag I slept her in the face and I don't remember a thing, we are together 19months and had out 1st baby 3 months ago ive never been so happy but im my sleep Ive called her fat and ugly, its really upsetting me to as I love her and out son so much, im not stressed at all but I miss working but ive not worked for 3yrs so it cant be that but can anyone help?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome Mrlost,

Congratulations on your new baby! Little ones can mean sleep deprivation and/or interrupted sleep. It sounds like it's time to see your doctor and consider a sleep study to find out what's going on.

This can be so difficult to deal with as a couple and the sooner you start pursuing answers and treatment, the better for you all.

JBoston responded:
You should see a sleep specialist/neurologist. I was acting out in my sleep, yelling (often obscenities), jumping out of bed, and had hit and kicked my wife. Seemed like I had PTSD! Was diagnosed with "REM Sleep Disorder" which meant I failed to enter "sleep paralysis" when i was in dream state (REM) sleep. Got an RX for sub-clinical dose of Clonazapam which I've taken nightly for about 3 years and the problem has gone away.. I sleep much better too. The drug is for siezure disorder but in very low dose seems to help relieve REM sleep disorder. works for me!