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    aggressive parasomnia
    turtle19 posted:
    I developed parasomnia about 6 months ago after a car accident during which I took a blow to the head. I saw a neurologist after a few months who put me on 0.5 mg of Klonopin at bedtime, which helped for a few months but is no longer effective. My parasomnia occurs during REM sleep and involved me sleepwalking, sleep-eating and, most disturbingly, shouting at/cursing at my husband. Apparently I am VERY aggressive during the parasomnia episodes -- which occur more nights than not. He is at his wits' end with me and feeling very frustrated, and it is equally difficult for me because I have zero recollection of the parasomnia episodes and yet my husband's frustration at how I behave during the episodes often is manifested at how he treats me during the day... it is hard to be yelled at for behavior that is so uncharacteristic of me and that I don't recall.
    Does anyone else here have similar symptoms, and if so, what have you been able to do to treat your parasomnia?
    Thanks so much for your help!
    gensden responded:
    I feel deeply for you. I understand your confusion. I have the same issues but I live alone. I knew something was wrong and I was getting worse but I am extreme now. Not sure if anyone can help. I am happy I found a match to what I am being told and experiencing,. Most of it, I did not remember but this year, I am getting worse. Apparently, I get upset when no one answers me so I yell No one is here. My yelling wakes me up for a split second. I try to make it back to bed but never make it.. It is common for me to wake up injured. I fall all the time now and I see the mess I make while walking in my sleep. I work on crafts or start some new project. This has been going on for years and I was not getting any answers or help. Today, I found this site. Two years ago, I realized I was not a safe house guest for any length of time. I must toss myself out of bed at times because I wake up on the floor and it is getting worse. It is common now for me to go without sleeping for 3 days and 2 nights which is horrible. I know when this happens, I need to prepare my living space because I am going to black out but my body will keep going. When I do actually sleep I have different symptoms 2 or 4 times a month, I wake up on the floor with black eyes or huge goose eggs. I have been told I look like I am having sezures or something. Extreme movements, shaking and muscle weakness or something. I wake up in so much pain after those events. I hope you and others find help. I can not believe I a site that explains my life now.
    jjohnson1977 responded:
    I know how you feel I know that I've had sleeping problems for years, actually decades. Insomnia, bruxism, and evidentially something called parasomnia. I will get up, sometimes with aggression as well. No recollection of the event the next day. It's really frustrating because I absolutely can't help it!

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    take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
    I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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