Ambien as a muscle relaxant
will_t posted:
For the past few yours I have struggled with sleeping problems mostly due to 2 problems, anxiety and frequent urination. After using the bathroom once and getting into bed, I will probably get up at least once or twice before falling asleep to urinate. Im medicated now for anxiety and depression and its working well for me. But after trying a few different prescribed sleeping meds I eventually started taking ambien which worked like a charm.

I've been taking it for a few years now a few times a week and while the "hypnotic effect" is very relaxing and helps keep my mind from racing, what actually helps the most however is that the ambien almost completely makes the urge to urinate disappear.

I was curious about that so I looked it up and noticed it was also considered a smooth muscle relaxant? I'm wondering if there is a different non-sleep medication that can do the same for my bladder troubles? I've tried things like flomax, and some other urinary meds, but none seem to work quite as well as ambien for soothing my urinary urges.

I know my question is not quite specific to sleep disorders but can anyone recommend a medication that might provide the same relief?