paulcunny posted:

I have suffered from this problem for quite a long time now, and i am getting worried as it is getting worse, i dont know what to do, im too embarrassed to go to my doctor, so i wonder if there is any home remedies i could try?

it started off quite mild, my wife would tell me that i had been groping her through the night, but as time has gone on, it has turned from groping to trying to have sex with her, but she pushes me off and i tend to stop.

but when I have had alcohol, i pin her down and force her, she was quite scared the first time this happened as she tried to fight me off, but she said she couldn't

have no recollection what so ever, and i am scared that i might start to become more violent! i wouldn't hurt a fly normally, but my wife said i am like a different person

is there anything I can try?

Paul C
jessicactd responded:
My husband suffers from this too, and the only things that we have done to help are 1. Have a very regular nighttime routine, 2. reduce stress and tension, and 3. have regular 'awake' sex. This reduces the frequency. And hey, if you've noticed that alcohol makes this tendency more aggressive, well, try not drinking before bed. Save it for weekend days. And if it continues, you should go to a sleep clinic for advice - you don't have to go to your regular doctor. I understand that it is an embarrassing situation.
paulcunny replied to jessicactd's response:
Hi, thanks for your reply!

have had many a discussion lately with my wife, as it is still regular, I don't drink alcohol that often, maybe one a month/couple of months, so the aggressiveness doesn't happen too often! but it's getting almost everyday! I don't stress about things (not that I know of) as I don't have anything to worry about really, and I don't get work stress as I have quite an easy going job!

we have looked into sleep disorder clinics, but there are none that are near by where we live (that I could find) and we have quite an active awake sex life.

I think I am going to go seek professional help though, as this condition is more common than I thought

has your husband been for help? or have you managed to control it? or does it still happen regular?

thanks again for replying Paul