full body twitching
markfort posted:
My sleep partner has RLS but also twitches after she falls asleep. Every part of her body twitches, not just her legs and arms. Every small and large muscle twitches. None of the twitches are violent. Its like an electrical storm going through every part of her body. As she overcomes the RLS and falls asleep the involuntary tremors start. The hour or two before she awakes is the calmest.

The involuntary tremors are totally random, if I hold her I can feel every square inch of her body twitching in a random sequence. Convulsions in her core section shake the bed.

She is unaware of the convulsions as she is sleeping and they don't seem to wake her up during sleep. If she does wake up during the night the RLS takes over and she rocks until she can fall asleep again.

Its been two years and we sleep apart most of the time. If we sleep together, its is torture for me and it takes a couple days for me to catch up on my sleep loss. We are in our early 50's and enjoy intimate times. This condition makes it impossible for me to sleep with her.

Any common experiences or answers? Help