Blackout while driving?
jeccard posted:
The other day I was driving like I normally do. Going to the college same route everyday. For about 30 seconds it appeared I...dont know what happened in that time frame. I think I might of blacked out. But the weirdest thing was that my brain was still functioning and I could still control the car. Last thing I remembered was me making a curve. I know the difference between daydreaming and I wasn't daydreaming at all. I'm 20 years old.[br>[br>What happened? Should I be concerned?
MA64NANA responded:
That started happening to me too. I ended up having a MRI done and they found a problem with my left temporal lobe that is causing these short "seizures" where I black out.

I was put on tegretol for several years. Now I have been switched to neurontin which seems to be working pretty good.

I don't "lose time" like I had been previous.

Hope this helps.