Blacking out, daydreaming???
bugsygirl113 posted:
The same thing is happening to my husband. He is blackening out or seems like he's daydreaming on his way to work. We are at our witts end. He see's a neurologist and he diagnosed him with seizures years ago, but this wasn't happening to him years ago, only the past few weeks. Also sometimes, he gets a pain in his chest, then it moves up to his jaw, then into his head and he gets confused. He has had a heart cath. done, twice, they found no clogged arteries. We have been to a study for 5 days, at Tampa General Hospital, for seizures. He had 2 of those episodes, chest pain, etc. They said that it wasn't seizures and sent him home after we stayed there, not allowed to leave for 5 days, with no answer. He only has the one problem at home, the one where he gets these chest pains, etc. My husband is only 57, and I am worried about him. They keep pressing him at work to retire, not because of these problems, but because of the years he has in, working at the VA, 33yrs. plus. Please help......