Vomiting when not getting enough sleep
An_250810 posted:
Hello, I'm 29 and have had this problem sense I was a kid. If I stay up late or wake up early I get sick to my stomach. It comes in different stages. If I am sleeping and have to wake up after about 5 hours of sleep I will ok, not the best but can get through the day. but if for some reason I only get about 3 hours of sleep I will actually start to vomit. Now I tend to get about 6 hours of sleep a night , But a month ago my baby girl was born, and on the weekend I'm trying to help my wife by getting up at night and feeding her, I really want to help my wife since she is getting up every night during the week and getting just a little bit of sleep. No doctor I ever had could give me a reason for this to happen or a clear answer of what is going on with m body.

Please help me figure this out or have some sort of solution to the vomiting so I can stay up at nights.

Thank you