moooooreeeeeeeeeeee sleep!!!!!!!!!!!
An_250956 posted:
my age is 17 years. i am science student iam facing more problems due tomore sleep.actually i can't wake up on my mom wakes me up my problem is i can't wakeup until anyone touch me to wake up..suppose anyone is playing drums to wake me up i can't until and unless he/she touch me to wake up. my sleepwake cycle is totally disturbed.sometimes i can sleep for hours and hours and many people try to wake me by beating me or by water but for a whilei wake up and again i sleep ..and after waking up i got extreme pain in my head or body pain.for wakeup i try tea so many times(3or4 times)in a day..The lack of wakeness is having a severe impact on my studies .my concentration is also becoming poor day by day .my mind blanks during examination,due to this hair loss occur i have consult to doctor also they provide various medication but when i take any medicine for any problem tomy body i feel sleepy and lazines so that medication also not work thiswasnot before but since 2 years this problemarises of taking any medicine and feeling sleepy.. Any ideas or a direction to solve this problem??...its urgent.........