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I don't wake up to anything.
elizstaylor posted:
I cannot wake up to my 10 alarms, setting them at different intervals (every minute, every two minutes, ect.), trying different alarm sounds, and I am out of ideas. I am a 22 year old female with a healthy weight and in good health. [br>[br>This started very mildly at about age 14 where I wouldn't wake up to my alarm and my mom would have to wake me up and I would have conversations with her in my sleep and this got progressively worse. I almost slept through a house fire that happened next door 2 years ago (if my partner had not woken me up), and sleep through floor sanders, people moving furniture out of the room, very loud noises. [br>[br>When I do wake up, I feel very tired and never really feel awake. I have slept 36 hours straight, and if I sleep through my alarms, I will sleep for 12+ hours. I have classes from 11:45am - 7:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and work from 1:45pm - 10:30pm [br>Friday - Monday. I typically go to bed around 2-3 a.m. and wake up an hour before class or work. [br>[br>I went to a sleep clinic and filled out a 2 week sleep diary and without any testing they diagnosed me with DSPD, suggesting that I take melatonin at 10pm and basically did not listen to the problems I am having. I fall asleep fine and have no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I realize I don't have the "normal" societal sleep schedule, but I have done it before waking up at 6 a.m. for work and going to bed at 11pm. Even when I have to follow the normal sleep schedule for society, this is still a problem. [br>[br>I noticed when I took Adderall before I went to bed, I would wake up on time and feel refreshed. So I am now taking 10mg Adderall XR before I go to bed, and this helped A LOT. I would wake up to my first alarm, feeling refreshed like I had a good nights sleep, but this doesn't seem to be helping as much after 3 months of taking it. [br>[br>Please give me any suggestions or help you can think of because I am frustrated and tired of waking up hours after my alarms go off and seeing that I've turned them all off in my sleep and not remembering it. I hate missing classes and my grades are dropping as a result. Please help.
duckie0201 responded:
I have this same exact problem, and I am 23 years old. It is so embarrassing to wake up late and miss work/school/appts.
I have been fired from very good jobs because I just couldn't wake up at the right hour.

I have to set 20 alarms every morning on my smartphone, and I have to solve math problems to turn them off, and snooze is disabled. SOMEHOW I turn them off. I have to put my phone 10 ft away from me when I'm sleeping, yet somehow I get up and turn them off or sleep completely through them (usually sleeping through 15/20 alarms) ! I've tried everything, and change my alarms frequently. For some reason, I cant hear anything when I am asleep. I have had a lot of insomnia problems as well, and I seem to do better when I get less sleep, the only thing is that physically it isn't good, and I weaken my immune system. It seems that my sleep patterns are constantly changing. Sometimes I wake up an hour before my alarm goes off and I want to get up but I don't want to try to figure out what to do for that extra hour, then I end up going back to sleep and sleeping in late!
Also I can drink six espresso shots and while in bed, fall asleep, and still sleep through alarms! Caffeine has no effect on my ability to fall asleep. The only thing that does is NOISE, ironically.
I do take adderral but I take it during the day and never before I go to sleep, I'm not sure if I should try this because I do not have time release capsules.
I usually feel like when I finally do wake up, I am extremely startled and in panic mode. And I do talk in my sleep and have conversations that I don't remember. I am also very mean when I am sleeping and cuss to tell people to leave me alone when they try to wake me (this has decreased over the years but still happens).
Also, I recently began sleeping next to my boyfriend about a month ago. I sleep SO GOOD. I also woke up at the very first alarm. After about two weeks, I began to go through the same motions of sleeping through every alarm again, and this would make him angry that I wouldn't wake up. I am so embarrassed of these problems that I would rather stay up all night and feel horrible physically then horribly mentally...
duckie0201 replied to duckie0201's response:
duckie0201 replied to duckie0201's response:
Yeah I just read up on DSPD and I think this is exactly what I have!

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