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Be warned. If it sounds too go to be true . . . it usually is!!!
GusmanTX posted:
I never post to these types of threads since I am not an MD and can only say what does and does not work for me. I will however state that after a lot of feedback from folks that have letters that follow their names like "MD" or "PHD" the majority of the so called supplements are labeled with the FDA statements simply because the company chooses not to spend the money on passing the required stringent,lengthy and costless process of receiving FDA approval as a "drug". This way stores like the pharmacy chains and supplement stores in malls that have three letters in their name can place these "cure all" pills that simply have inert ingredients such as laxatives which are not a detriment to your health directly on their shelves! The used to call these products "snake oils" for a reason. Additionally consider the case of the miraculous diet pills by the name of Metabolife and Trim Spa. The were the rage in the late "90's" sold everywhere and they too carried disclaimers that they did not have FDA approval but where an "all natural" supplement. The result if you remember were countless, senseless deaths of the obese, slightly overweight individuals and young teens due to the over use of these products hoping for that miracle pill. Young possibly slightly overweight teens who were for the most part healthy individuals dying from heart attacks cause by an "all natural supplement" with the potential lethal ingredient we all now know as "ephedra" which now has been banned by the FDA.

My point is that possibly 3-4 out of ten individuals who have a serious sleeping disorder such as myself may experience positive results because they want to believe it will help and for them it will. However if you have an acute sleeping disorder please see a professional don't gamble your life with products that make the supplement stores rich just because it worked for aunt Sally. Few people win by using OTC supplements except a huge industry making over 30 billion dollars last year with an expected growth in 2013 by another 5% and the lawyers in wrongful death lawsuits 10 years after the product first hit the shelves.

I will get off my soapbox now and apologize for possibly offending anyone with my personal view of waisting your hard earned dollars on something that at best case doesn't help at all, because if history repeats itself the alternative is otherwise an avoidable serious health risk.

(Please note the above statements have not been approved by any known health professional or regulatory agency and are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

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