IBS+Depression=Weird Sleep
Ryanvdb posted:
So I have had GERD/IBS or UC for about 7 years have not done anything about it until recently. For a long time I just took antacids and that would manage the heartburn but did norhing for the stomach pain and severe diarrhea. I went to the dr in january and was prescribed 20mg omeperazole once a day. It has helped with the constant heartburn so i dont have to take antacids and has reduced the diarrhea eexcept for when i forget the omeperazole for a day or two then severe diarrhea returns. Recently been diagnosed with depression and ADD after an overdose of xanax. Since the incident i have had several incidents where i am asleep but am dreaming that things are going on around me. Example: My Girlfriend and i were staying @ my mothers and the entire night i dreamt she was smoking cigs and watching weird tv shows all night. When i wake up and ask her none of it occured. Multiple instances of this are beginning to wear on my energy. Any thoughts????