Change in Behavior
An_251346 posted:

lately, my mood has drastically changed. I work in a hotel and my position is very stressful. I'm a manager and I have a lot on my plate usually. About a month and half ago I started to work two night audit shifts a wk. I go in at 11pm and get off at 7am. I've never worked the over night shift before. Since, I have got on this shift things in my personality have changed. I wake up angry now almost ever morning. I'm being very rude, snotty, short. I have been short with my family and my fiance latey. She has even noticed a chage in me. I not sure if it a lack of sleep cuase I wrk to over night shift and then 3 regualr shifts a week but I feel like I'm losing my mind. I feel stressed and upset all the time. I've always been told by ppl I'm a little high strung but now it's really bad. I talk really really fast sometime. I get really worked up about stuff that I should be getting that upset about. I need advice. Also, due to my strange shift in behavior I took a test online. My fiance was diagnosed bipolar 2 years ago. What scares me is some of the things that I'm feeling right now she says that's exactly how she felt. Am I bipolar or would lack of sleep cause these symptoms?
Thank you for any advice