need help falling asleep doing everything
An_251847 posted:
I am really scared at this point. For about a year now, i have been falling asleep during activities. Really it doesnt matter what im doing, i get this weird feeling, and all of a sudden im praying that i stay awake, im having dreams and waking up driving. I have a 2, 3, and 12 yr old. I have been falling asleep while driving with them in the car. Its horrifying, i was driving home last week and i started having this dream that i was going crash into my garage, i woke up suddenly and i was in the driveway, it was 130am my kids were in the back seat, and i was driving home from work around 12. This happens in the day time, i was at work driving the company car and started to fall asleep, i prayed and cried and tried to fight these bouts as i drove to work and it was uncontrollable, i was having dreams while driving, i was in a meeting at work a one on one, and falling asleep while talking to my boss!!! I feel like im going to kill myself driving one day, im embarrassed to tell anyone really scared...everyday...ima single mom..i dont want to hurt to my kids but i have to do everything alone my self. I do get about 8 hours of sleep every night, on my days off i try to get even more, but it doesnt help. ....I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday.. any ideas on what this might be? Or whaT I CAN DO TO STAY AWAKE?
An_251847 responded:
Gosh maybe i should get on a different site and ask a doctor...idk
cwille replied to An_251847's response:
you really need to see a doctor, i can only tell you that i had problems falling asleep , found out i had sleep apnea, i am now on a bipap machine, it made a world of difference, i slept better and didn't feel like falling asleep while driving, i also saw a sleep psychologist recently who worked with me on falling asleep, it has to do with going to sleep at a certain time and waking up at a certain time everyday, it's actually more detail but that is the main thing,i truly hope you get this figured out ,i will be praying for you. It's not fun i know good luck

Alexmus responded:
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