Update from a psychologist
Paul_K_Fauteck posted:
Since my last comments about the FWS here I've continued to use it with greater or less frequency depending on my mood, energy level, and sleep pattern. Recently I was happy to give a good report to the FDA of my experience with the device.

I have never been aware of any adverse effects from using the FWS. On the higher #2 setting I'm certainly aware of a prickly feeling at the points of contact, but nothing that I would call painful.

Something that's happened that I didn't expect is that I have very little trouble going to sleep and staying asleep at night. It had been years since I didn't need at least something like melatonin or a glass of wine. I can't say that's 100% due to my use of the FWS, but I believe it has contributed substantially.

As for insurance companies, I'm sorry to say there is often a decided lack of logic in their decisions. My wife's plan sent her a message urging her to get shingles vaccine, but then she learned that the same plan doesn't cover it. If a psychologist calls a problem an adjustment disorder, insurance probably won't cover it, but call it PTSD and it probably will. In any event, I believe the FWS is well worth the cost.

To repeat what I've said before, my favorable comments have been voluntary and I've never received nor would I accept any form of consideration from the company for my endorsement.

Paul Karsten Fauteck, Psy,D., DABPS