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Sleeps well, but can't wake up without 9+ hours of sleep. Help?
aelane posted:
I tried looking but could not seem to find a situation identical to this. I apologize if this has already been answered,

I am 21 years old and have experienced this problem. I know people who can function well on 6 hrs of sleep. I however am hardly human on 6 hrs of sleep, or anything close to that. Uninterrupted I naturally sleep for about 10 hrs. I fall asleep within 5 minutes, and snore softly almost instantly (never loudly). I am accustomed to sleeping in different lightning, so sunlight or any lighting doesn't bother me, and most sounds don't interrupt me either. If for some reason I have not slept well the night before I sleep for almost 12 hours.
I was on a typical schedule during highschool (attempting to get 8 1/2 to 9 hours a night) and found myself exhausted, often supplementing my days with naps to compensate for exhaustion. I have never been able to pull all-nighters. Since highschool I have had the luxury of sleeping in during most of my college years. But of course that MUST come to an end with a career starting. I can't just skip work out of drowsiness like I did with 8am classes.
It takes me about an hour and a half to fully "wake-up" even with coffee, which just doesn't cut in a word where I have to be at a job at 7:45. It seems like I am abnormally slow to wake up.
I am on a beta-blocker for anxiety due to driving, but from what I can tell it only makes me drowsy during the day but shouldn't inhibit my ability to wake up (which has always been a problem). I do sometimes drink coffee but could easily take a nap after a full cup. Most members on my family also seem to require alot of sleep, usually by multiple naps and coffee throughout the day.
I feel like I am too young to such a problem getting up. I sleep well, too well. I was wondering what my "problem" is exactly? Or is it just a symptom of a young age? Any advice for needing less sleep/waking up easier is much appreciated. Thank you.
used2bethin responded:
Have you had a sleep study? The daytime portion of my sleep study (MSLT) was the most telling as it showed how incredibly sleepy I am, even after sleeping all night. Fell asleep in 4 minutes or less for each of a series of 2 hour naps. Do you feel refreshed after you nap? If not, you may want to check out the website and the videos and great facebook group to get more input from fellow sleepyheads!

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