I Could use some advice?
TDXSP08 posted:
I have been seen by some world class Sleep Pathologists and the consensus of opinion is that I have No real Circadian rhythm after a week long sleep study i average between 5-7 minutes of REM and 0 deep sleep.

So the sleep docs put me on Restoril 15 Mg HS and if that does not work the next night i should take Dalmane 30 Mg HS, Now I have PTSD POW syndrome as it used be called and getting my sleep is the biggest factor at keeping me running smooth and steady as i have for the last 16 years and now i have a doc who just does not understand the importance of sleep, and it almost COST ME MY LIFE

Last month after 19 days of not sleeping i checked myself into the hospital because enough was to much the Doc in the hospital gave me some sleeping meds and i went to sleep,I woke up in a different room and a different bed and my brain felt like scrambled eggs and the nurse asks me a question and the answers in my head but saying is like i'm stupid and she tells me relax take your time you been through a major trauma its normal to have trouble saying what you want but it should wear off ,and i'm thinking she is totally crazy since when is going to be a major trauma, Then the neurologist came in and told me some bad"Rogue"brain waves sent me into cardiac arrest and they had to fight to get me back and they i went into a coma for a week by the time i was fully conscious i was off the ventilator and all that stuff but it was still all there in my ICU room.

and now its been a month since i ve seen this doc and i have an appointment on the 11th and so far i have 23 hours and 47 minutes and i'm gonna tell him him you either manage both or your gonna be in the dark because i will go to a sleep doc and not tell you who what where why, He has not wanted to work the protocol that everyone before him has used he wants to be different AND I DONT APPRECIATE HIM PLAYING WITH MY LIFE !!