Insomnia to sleep addiction
Hphillips5512 posted:
I have dealt with a few mental issues for most of my life. Depression, ADD, OCD, Insomnia and here lately I feel like I am addicted to sleeping. I have always suffered with insomnia since I was a little girl. I can not shut my brain off...ever. I have taken Ambien for the past 10 years. It works great. About six months ago I changed jobs. I am a paralegal working from home. I find that I enjoy working at night while my family is asleep. I listen to the tv or radio. In the morning once the kids are on the bus I take my Ambien and go to bed. This would give me 8 hours of sleep before the kids come home, but in the last 2 hours of sleep I begin to dream. My dreams are so realistic its as though I am watching a movie. By the time it time to wake up I feel exhausted like Ive stayed up all day watching tv, not sleeping. So I lay there and fall asleep again, and then start dreaming again. and this repeats its self until I drag myself out of bed to cook dinner and start my "day" .
I can not shut my brain off at night to fall asleep and I can not shut my brain off during the day so I wont dream and I can sleep and wake up rested. What do I do? I feel like all I want to do it sleep.