Help needed with snoring - something feels different
snorer posted:
In the past few weeks, I've felt like there's something physically blocking my airway at the back of my throat. My snoring problem has gotten much worse as well, and last night was the worst it's ever been. I've been having a lot of trouble this week with nasal drip and tried Flonase but got little if any relief. I am now trying saline spray in hopes it will help.

I'm 48 and could stand to lose a few pounds, but my weight hasn't contributed to this level of snoring in the past.

Could it be polyps in the back of my throat? How can I find out?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
atti_editor responded:
Hi snorer and thank you for posting!

Here is some information that we have on nasal polyps (including symptoms and treatment). The best way to find out if it's polyps that are contributing to your increased snoring is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. He/she will probably be able to diagnose them using a nasal endoscope to look at your nose and sinuses.
I think that it is important that you talk to your doctor about your symptoms as this problem is affecting your breathing and sleep.
Let us know what you find out!

Best wishes-