Sleep Disorder-- Not sure if it's apnea but need an answer!
sheskrafty posted:
Hi all, here's my issue- my boyfriend is inhaling but not exhaling (voulntarily) while he's sleeping. People seem to say sleep apnea a lot, but he IS breathing, he's just holding his breath. He holds it in for so long, and then his body seems to push it out slowly, and it makes a whistling/squeaking noise for a minute or two until it's all out...almost like slowly letting air out of a full balloon.
I was finally able to record him to show him how bad it actually was (2-3 times at least, in a 10 minute period), and the recording sounded like listening to whales underwater. I am getting desperate and he is refusing to see a Dr. because he thinks "it's not that bad"- meanwhile, I'm the one losing sleep!!! Any thoughts, suggestions, similar experiences? This is starting to drive me crazy!!!!
atti_editor responded:
Hi sheskrafty and thank you for posting!

Here is an overview of sleep apnea . It sounds like this could be what your boyfriend is suffering from, but having him evaluated by a doctor is the only way that you will truly know (and that he can get proper treatment). Since he is refusing to see a doctor about it, this might not be an option. Have you told him how you feel, and how it is severely affecting your sleep? You might try sharing these health-related risks that sometimes accompany sleep apnea, or suggest that he try one of these easy home-treatment options (not sleeping on his back for example).

I hope that your boyfriend gets the help that he may need and that you are able to get a good night's sleep soon! Let us know how everything turns out.

jingyao responded:
hello sheskrafty:
does your boyfriend feel sleepy in the day? would he doze while siting ,reading ,watching TV ?